‘The Verdict of the August War’ Shown in 4 European Countries


images-mamuka_yufaradzeStudio Re documentary film – ‘The Verdict of the August War’ has been shown in 4 European countries in mid-December. Film Director Mamuka Kuparadze presented the film six times in four European countries. The idea of European tour of the documentary appeared after ‘The Verdict of the August War’ was shown at Vienna human rights film festival. The documentary that has not yet been shown by Georgian national broadcasters has been specially discussed at the Human World Festival after it was shown. Documentary film specialists and human rights activists along with the film also spoke about the conflicts in Georgia.
Before Vienna film festival the film was shown in Prague on December 5 and 6. The film was first shown to rights defenders and journalists by organization from well-known Czech rights defender, journalist and documentary movie specialist Petrushka Shustrova. Along with the Georgian documentary the viewers also watched Shustrova’s new film on Georgian-Abkhazian conflict – On the border of the Empire. Both films were about the same topic – conflicts in Georgia, but the directors presented the problem from different angles for discussion.
The second time the film was shown in Prague to journalists at the Radio Free Europe office. The following discussion was led by the head of Georgian desk of Radio Liberty David Kakabadze. Foreign journalists paid special interest to current situation with the conflicts.
After Prague and Vienna the film was taken to German Monchengladbach Freedom Forum. Film presentation was led by Bernhard Clasen, member of the mentioned organization. Representatives of local NGOs and Georgian citizens living in Western Georgia attended the film presentation and discussion.
Next presentations and discussions were held in two Dutch cities – Hague and Utrecht. Paata Gurgenidze, student of the International University of Social Research, public policy researcher organized the film presentation in Hague. The discussion after the showing was dedicated to introduction of Georgia and conflicts existing in the country. Students from all around the world asked questions about the conflicts.
Last European presentation of the film was held in Utrecht, at the office of former religious, but now humanitarian profile organization IKV Pax Christi. The given organization has been working at conflicts’ topics in the Caucasus for over ten years. Before showing the film Guido de Graaf Bierbrauwer, Chief Program Officer for the Caucasus made a brief report about Georgia and conflicts in the country. Cinta Depondt, member of IKV Pax Christi moderated the discussion held after the film was shown. Speeches were made by Mamuka Kuparadze and Ulla Pepe, Amnesty International’s South Caucasus Coordinator in Amsterdam Office.
According to Mamuka Kuparadze the European presentations of The Verdict of the August War by Studio Re was another attempt to make foreign societies better aware of the conflicts existing in Georgia; and the awareness will promote their involvement in the settlement of the conflicts in Georgia, as Georgia is not able to solve the conflicts independently, without support and participation from the West.

Maia Tsiklauri

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